The Holy Spirit Falcons Boy’s hockey team is excited to announce that Rock Automotive has agreed to sponsor for the next three years a Falcons Dressing Room at the Paradise Double Ice Complex. The sponsorship is under the Town of Paradise Sponsorship Opportunities Program. This program allows Companies to have a dressing room in the Double Ice Complex named after their company. As part of this sponsorship, Dressing Room 4 in Rink B will become the new home of the Holy Spirit Falcons hockey team. The room and the door will be painted with the Falcons’ colors and logo. The Rock Automotive logo will also be placed on the door and in the dressing room. The Falcons Hockey team as well as the coaching staff would like to thank the Town of Paradise for allowing both Rock Automotive and our team to take part in this program. Having a home dressing room for the team is a very special gift for our players as well as the young minor hockey players who will also have the chance to use this room throughout the season when it is not being used by the Falcons. Rock Automotive has a long history of giving back to the hockey players in our community and this is just another example of their commitment to the young people in our community. They also have a history with the Falcons as the son of the owner Tanner Whiffen was a member of the club when he attended Holy Spirit High School and was an Assistant Captain in his final season with the club in 2013/14. Thank you Rock Automotive for your support on this special project. We know this will benefit all the young hockey players in our community.